Truth came into our Church a Stranger

It was a different type of Christianity when Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago.  Much different, you see the leaders of the church had become jealous of the popularity of his ministry, and we’re angry as they saw the people flock to him and leave their synagogues.  And we wouldn’t do that today, If the truth came into our Church as a stranger, but the words were full of inspiration so much so that they made your heart think, and feel with a desire for heaven you haven’t know in years, well your pastor would give that stranger the pulpit wouldn’t he.  Not only that he would humble himself and make way for the man’s ministry.  He wouldn’t crowd him out of the way like they did Jesus.

A Different Type of Christianity
Becoming a Christian is accomplished by beholding the Character of Jesus Alone. Look & Live

Well they wouldn’t have done that 2000 years ago, it was a different type of Christianity (religion that is) back then.  When Christ came to his home town and stood up to read before the people the Spirit of the Lord brooded over the assembly and stood with open arms to invite the people to accept the truth that this Jesus was the Messiah.  And they were ready to do it, they would have done it, if Jesus would have just kept silent regarding the true condition of the church back then but he began to talk about how none of the people in Israel were healed of leprosy during the time a true prophet lived close by, but a foreigner even a Samaritan (Naman) was.

And the people were mad, to have Jesus take this people of Samaria and religion of the Samaritans that they regarded as vile, and lift it up above the chosen people of God.   It got under their skin.  Had Christ just suggested that these common people had more access to God then they?  And he had to go a little further, earlier he said, widows,  they were a lot of them in the time of Elijah the true prophet but to none of them was this true man of God sent but unto a widow of a town which you call unclean, and wouldn’t even step foot in unless it was an emergency on your part.  Now they were getting red hot.  And do you know what these great religious people decide to do with that straight talker.  Throw him over the cliff.

That’s what they wanted to do with the truth, just get rid of it.  But  a lot has changed since then, and today we are making room for the truth.  Why look at how many true prophets the Lord has sent us, and it’s a sign (the true prophets) God has sent us that is which assure us that we are not deceived.  A sign that we are not about to be cast off or rejected like God’s True People His Church of the Past has been.  Oh yes, and when the deceiver, Anti Christ comes we will reject him because we have carried the Lord so close to our bosom, and have acquainted ourselves with the ways of the Lord, so much so that  we know truth from error, very well we do.  This church will not repeat the mistakes of the past because we have not done what Israel of old has done; we are making room for Jesus in our hearts daily.

Well the Church of 2000 years ago, they would have accepted Jesus, they would have, but sometimes he was too straight forward with the people and to frank in confronting them regarding their sins.  If only he would have heard some of the good apologetic preachers of today who spend years beating around the bush, until they’re growing nothing but bush, and weeds, and have lost total sight of the fruit that should be planted in the Lord’s  garden (his church) because they don’t want to offend the weeds, and tares.  Well I didn’t know that the truth was able to not offend the weeds and tares, but these men are wise and they know a lot, very much they know.

We once knew that it was truth the weeds couldn’t tolerate and the revival of the straight truth (testimony) would cause a division in the church (painful) but needed as the two companies come into alignment with the position they choose based on the character they have developed.  There will be those who compromise with the world, and seek to escape the bearing of the cross in their profession of religion.  They are those who begin to regard sin as not so sinful to cause those who continue in it to perish, and excuse sin, and make light of it.  And there are  those who hold to the standard of God, keeping his commandments and follow all the truths in the bible as God reveals the light to them.  They don’t seek to find a reason in the bible for not doing right, these are they that advance, and “follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth, they do His commandments, and therefore have right to enter the gates of heaven.” Rev. 14:4, 22:14.

If Jesus would have preached like these apologist do today he could have died an old man, and He could have evaded the Cross.  Wait a minute, that kinda sounds like the offer “bow down and worship me” and I’ll give you the kingdoms of the world.  And what if Jesus would have consented to bend the knee a little in compromise, what would that have done for the human race? It would have accomplished just what is being done in today’s ministries that compromise with the world, don’t preach against sin, lower the standard, and make grace a disgrace.  It would have given the church into the hands of the devil.  Come on Devil take our Music Ministry department and flair it up, make it so that the young people that go out on Saturday night, and have a good time can walk right into the church, and never feel the need to experience conversion because we are meeting them with the same beat, coffee, donuts, lies, and standards that have fallen to the dust.

Come on devil were are you when we need a good laugh in the middle of the sermon that should be convicting us that time is short and we shall all one day be standing before the Judgment seat of Christ to give an account for every deed done in the flesh.  Where are the preachers today that preach we are to “Follow … holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:” that preach that no man is gonna even see God, that you will not enter the gates of Heaven without being Holy, and  you must cooperate with a Holy God to remove all sin out of your life.  Heb_12:14

Did you not know that the only thing on earth Satan wars against is the principle of Self Sacrifice.  This is the only way you can define true love.  Self sacrifice would put the Creator’s ways above the creatures plans.  But Alas, we are backwards, and instead of seeking to determine what God’s will is, and how to please him we are doing what pleases us.  It pleases us very well to have music that sounds much like the world, and music that sounds like its coming out of a bar in church today.  It pleases us to bring drinks and cell phones in the sanctuary today, and lower the standard of reverence.  It pleases us very much to preach good sermons, but not preach against sin, the need of true repentance, total reliance upon God.

Oh, it pleases us very much but it’s time for every true hearted Christian to ask the question what pleases you oh lord?  “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Heb. 11:6”

Besides that you’ll never know God unless you seek his will and deny yours, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” John 7:17  Why do you think all the churches have different doctrines, because they can’t know the will of God when they are seeking their own.  Have you ever heard that Jesus was too much a friend of sinners to sit there and not say anything while they were going to hell.  Have you ever thought that Jesus loved the world too much not to say something to turn us from our sins, and save us.  What are men doing today to be sure their fellow man is saved?  Are they working for eternity?  Is your religion going to have any benefit beyond this earth?

May the Lord Bless you and Keep You and cause His Face to Shine Upon You

Pastor Ken Tonage