How to Overcome Sin, Temptation, and Oppression

We are going to look at three ways to overcome Satan and the distressing ways that demons seek to use in oppressing people. First we need to know that this life on earth is a battle and when we give our lives to Christ we become a target for Satan which is why we need … Read more

Power Over Bad Habits, Addictions, and Thoughts

Many people have complained that they would like to have victory over bad habits but they can’t even control their thoughts. And when they try to it even becomes harder and they seem to fail more. Especially young Christians who have just given their lives to Jesus suffer and are plagued with impure thoughts that … Read more

Stopping Demonic oppression by the Authority of Christ

In the summer of 1991 I was going to a class that was preparing a group for baptism and many people their were suffering from thoughts and feelings that they could not seem to control like they hoped. They were having repetitive thoughts that would bother them at the most inconvenient times and they were … Read more