The Beautiful Truth About Evolution

The Beautiful Truth About Evolution

Is there anything more beautiful than a system of truth which builds one structure upon another, until those systems are so immersed within one another that to remove one point of truth you would have to remove them all.

Do you think a system like that really exists… if we in fact understood things the way they actually are we would have to say that that formula is found everywhere throughout nature. It’s abundant!

In fact this beautiful truth about evolution can be best represented as the finest fabric which to the human eye appears seamless.  And then after greater inspection one would realize that the stitching of the fabric was so finely interwoven that it only appeared as a single unit but was comprised of thousands of delicately woven strands.  These threads are the fabric of truth which we will soon look upon.

To pull one of those threads of truth apart from a fabric so intricately woven, you would have to rip them all just to reach one.  To remove one is to remove all.

Let us now look at the evolutionary process of the human system which is comprised of many layers of systems all built one upon another.

1st the respiratory system: what if this system evolved and through millions and millions of years came forth from the saline solution of a rich ocean environment that was just perfect for the human respiratory system to come into existence.

How would that respiratory system now receive nutrients to continue life?  It would need a circulatory system for the reception, and transmission of its rich source of nutrients in blood flow, and without that system it could not continue to perform its function of providing oxygen for the body.

And what benefit would the circulatory system be to the respiratory system without a heart to pump that rich current of blood to and from the respiratory system.

And without the muscular system which is an artistic array of fine attachments in process which generate movement, how could the chest expand to inhale its first breathe.

And how could the chest expand without a central nervous system to send the electrical impulse and current which is alone sufficient to cause movement.

And without a skeletal system to hold the muscular system in place those muscles would lie in waste, and could perform no function at all.

And how could this muscle response occur without a brain to govern the nervous system and cause it to send the proper electrical response needed to engage the flow of blood to enliven the muscle at the moment the nerves are quickened into life to raise the chest cavity when the lungs open and the mouth inhales its first breath of life. And that first breathe of live would come from another system outside of the body which is also layered with possibly more systems than scientist have even yet been made aware of.

One can see how all these systems are totally reliant upon another for each is a vast complexity of life in itself.  In fact each body system is so complex that it is as if it were a whole organism and yet it is only a single organ, that is united to many other organs to form this organism called a human being that can function at we define “alive”.

The idea comes to mind that, those systems are as complicated and vast in array as stars which have continued to follow their trackless course through space from age to age with no visibly appointed leader, but without such guidance this planet altering her course in the most minute form furthering her distance from the sun or closing in on that distance would cease to be inhabitable.

The concept that those system could self generate over time, then layer themselves with one substructure upon another, and these 100’s of systems including bacterium, cells, and genes, could cosmically intertwine to bring forth life at the exact moment when the first breath would be taken when a perfect environment would be standing guard for the moment, even occurring simultaneously while another organism of the opposite sex which was perfectly produced so the two could perpetuate life together, with all the systems firing at the same to for reproduction is one of the seven greatest absurdities ever perpetuated upon the human race.

There are 7 True reasons for the theory Evolution which can be proven:

  1. To destroy the Creation week of the bible, and devalue man’s estimate of himself by existing without rhyme or reason.
  2. To unfit man for receiving the plan of redemption whereby he would be granted Eternal Life.
  3. To cause man to seek to elevate himself from his fallen state through a process of intrinsic self evolution , instead of relying upon creative power for restoration.
  4. To turn man from all law both natural, spiritual, and make him a participant in the rebellion against the government of God which Lucifer warred against in the Heavens.
  5. To embolden man in lawlessness until humanity would cry out for a new religious system that would restore society to an inhabitable planet safe to dwell in, in which Lucifer would seat himself upon an earthly throne posing as the returned Messiah.
  6. To destroy faith in God’s sovereign, unalterable, eternal authority, and word so that at the time Antichrist appears the majority of planet earth will be too biblically illiterate to comprehend the deception.
  7. (A) To complete the first two attacks on God’s character, and law which were begun in Genesis.  These two from the mouth of Lucifer, “ye shall not surely die” when you break God’s law and eat of the tree— will establish final independence from God, self willed behavior, no need to trust in a Creator, because man is immortal.  This teaching, that when one dies, he immediately goes into heaven, this belief that man is immortal is prevalent even in the churches, and has created the greatest independent spirit known to man.  Do it yourself, your own way, regardless.  The world is full of Lucifer’s slogans to change the heart of man from appreciation for being created to “I did it my way”, “have it your way”, “just do it” from Sinatra, the Burger King commercial, the Nike Slogan.  It is total propaganda; man is not self sufficient, he is totally dependent on his environment, and couldn’t produce the first glow of life in the smallest vegetation for consumption.

7 (b) The Final Attack of the Evolution Theory: God’s law is arbitrary, is not for the benefit of society, and must be altered.  This alteration in the 10 commandments will be the final deception to usher in all the professed Christians who have hoped to be saved while never completely surrendering their will to God (for this is what independent thinking—the will to live apart from God accomplishes this).  Then He will establish his Mark, and all those willing to violate one of God laws to buy or sell will be lost.  It will unfortunately be the majority of planet earth.

Total Proof that this is not an invention like evolution but is exact proof:

If it were not so then the first two lies which the bible recorded in the book of Genesis which were accepted by man would not be the two most prevalent form of belief today.

And they are absurd concoctions that are totally in direct opposition to the whole Bible.

  1. There would be no eternal consequence for the violation of God’s law.  “In the day yet eat thereof…Ye shall not surely die, but ye shall be as Gods. Possessing Eternal Life from within Satan suggests… this is his own evolutionary theory…
  2. “for God doth know that in the day ye eat there of  ye shall be as God’s…”

The most prevalent belief in society is that man has an immortal soul and at death he goes to heaven, or is ushered into some higher state of existence.

The beautiful truth about evolution is that it is not the truth at all.  If it is not then how has it gained such a foothold in human minds?

Let us look on, and see…

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
hat they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.  2Th 2:12”.

If you don’t believe it is a religion then let us look at who has, and is the greatest proponents of the system.

Pastor Ken Tonage

Part two to come soon…